Chicago Steakhouse 1912

This photo from 1912 shows the corner where Chicago Steakhouse in Hartwell, Georgia stands today. At that time and for years following cotton was important to the community and the corner of Depot Street and Carolina Street were vital to the cotton industry. The Chicago Steakhouse building has a vast history. In the 1900’s there was a barber shop there. Over the years the building was home to the REA, a local fallout shelter after WWII, Hart County EMC, The Hartwell Sun and the Umbrella Factory.


In the mid 50’s Miss Little conducted a Home Economist class that taught cooking classes in the building, wonder if she ever thought the finest steakhouse in NE Georgia, Chicago Steakhouse, would be located in the same building. Under the sidewalk out front was a tunnel that ran from Depot Street to the drug store on the square. We are proud of the heritage that the building has and focus on providing the finest meals so in years to come our heritage will be thought of in the highest regards.



Founded in 1893 by the Pollack family, in the original “stockyards”, or livestock market area of Chicago, the Stock Yard Meat Packing Company began as a retail butcher shop on South Halsted Street. Today, the tradition of quality is very much alive, and sizzling! The Stock Yards name and the quality they provide are well known across the country by steak lovers and fans everywhere who remain loyal customers, often for generations. Stock Yards steaks are demanded by Executive Chefs nationally who select Stock Yards for their top restaurants and clubs, and their outstanding reputation for excellence as the “World’s Finest Steaks and Chops” continues. We serve proudly serve Stock Yard Steaks at Chicago Steakhouse in Hartwell, Georgia. chicago_steakhouse_steak


We look forward to serving you our exceptional quality steaks, seafood, appetizers, desserts and more when you enjoy your meal at Chicago Steakhouse in Hartwell, Georgia.